First Qilu Forum on Science & Technology—2016 to be held in Shandong University
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About the Forum
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About ShanDong University
About the Forum

The Qilu Youth Forum will be held during the anniversary celebration of SDU. It aims to serve as a platform for outstanding young scholars from all over the world to conduct academic exchanges as well as to promote academic cooperation amongst these scholars through academic reports and seminars.

The forum will feature a main forum along with 16 discipline-specific sub-forums, namely Humanities and Social Sciences, Mathematics and Finance, Physics, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Biology, Materials Science and Engineering, Advanced Optoelectronic and Magnetic Materials, Electrical Engineering, Environmental Chemistry and Ecology, Civil Engineering, Control Science and Engineering, Microelectronics, Dig Data Processing and Visual Computing, Power Engineering and Engineering Thermophysics, Marine Biogeochemistry as well as Medicine. In addition, there will also be a Weihai Campus sub-forum.

About the Forum

All invitees are expected to book your own flight tickets after receiving the official invitation letter. SDU will reimburse each invitee up to 10000 RMB for round trip travel expenses. Accommodation during the forum will be covered by SDU.

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